Amy LaDeroute  – Vocals

At five years old, her mother would catch her using a drapery cord as a microphone, or find her outside singing in a mailbox for the reverb effect. She studied classical piano for six years and won a vocal scholarship to the Fred Waring School of Music in Pennsylvania.

Amy LaDeroute

At 17, Amy decided to leave her comfortable mid-western family and auditioned for a funk band out of Dayton, Ohio. She landed the job as lead vocalist and hit the road playing continually for 14 years throughout Canada and the US.

While watching the Tonight Show, she saw John Davidson talking about his dream of having a camp for aspiring young singers. Amy sent in a demo, and out of 9000 applicants, she was chosen to attend. She worked with John Davidson, Kenny Rogers, Shields and Yarnell, Lola Folana, Florence Henderson, and Pete Barbuti.

Soon after, she headed for New York City and joined Manhattan-based, jazz-fusion band, First Light. It was there she met and worked with famed jazz drummer, Chico Rouse. While singing in the band, she held down day jobs on Wall Street and auditioned for various Broadway theatre productions.

When Amy got the call to audition for a band from

Canada, she was very excited. She flew to Niagara Falls and landed the lead vocalist spot in a new band called “The Boss.” It was there she met her husband Ken.

Ken LaDeroute – Guitar vocals

Born in Canada to a musical family at 17, Ken made the big move to Toronto with $200, a suitcase, and his guitar.

In one week, after auditioning for a band, he found himself on a nationwide tour that began a 14-year career, playing 6 nights a week, throughout Canada and the US. Since then he’s playing in various groups and lineups playing country clubs, weddings, night clubs, events all throughout the US Eastern states.


Micheal Hynes – Bass

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Brian Turner – Keyboards |  Vocals

Brian Turner is an internationally-acclaimed pianist, composer, and recording artist who has been thrilling audiences throughout North America for 25 years. Brian’s diverse repertoire has earned him the opportunity to share the stage with a wide array of well-known and accomplished musicians, most-recently with American Idol winner Caleb Johnson. From churches to arenas, concert halls to festivals, Brian excels musically on any stage. Most recently he opened for rock legends Kiss for the first half of their Freedom To Rock Tour performing 18 shows for over 100,000 people in arenas across the U.S. and Canada.


Jeff Rudolph – Drums | Vocals

Jeff Rudolph has more than twenty years experience to his credit.  He served as show drummer at Dollywood in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  During his career, Jeff has worked in concerts with many artists as diverse as Merle Haggard, Celinda Pink, The Dirt Band and other Nashville notables.  He has worked as well with many road bands touring extensively in the south and in Canada.  Jeff’s inspiration for a career in music comes from his Dad who has been a drummer for over 40 years.